Lash Care Do’s and Don’ts

Lash Care Do’s and Don’ts

Check out the lists of lash care do’s and don’ts below. These best practices will provide guidance on how to properly care for your lash strips and ultimately maintain longevity for multiple wears.

What to Do…

  • Use non-oil-based eye makeup remover to remove your lashes
  • Brush your mink lashes
  • Wash/clean your lashes to remove dirt and build-up
  • Use latex-free sponges and lint free applicators instead of cotton balls, rounds, pads, swabs etc.
  • Trim from the outer corner if your lashes do not fit
  • Apply mascara to your natural eyelashes for a seamless blend when applying your mink lashes
  • Use a thin layer of glue to the lash band when preparing to apply your lashes
  • Keep your lash tray and box to store your lashes when you are not wearing them

What Not to Do…

  • Don’t sleep in your mink lashes
  • Don’t rip your mink lashes off
  • Don’t use oil-based eye make-up remover products on your mink lashes
  • Don’t apply your mink lashes without checking to make sure they fit your eyes first
  • Don’t trim your lashes from the inner corner…EVER!
  • Don’t apply too much lash glue